Josh Stiemsma

3d Rendering, Render, Animation, medical animation, medical, anatomical, anatomy, visualization, automotive animation, automotive visualization, industrial animation, industrial visualization,VR, virtual reality, product rendering, CGI, design, michigan, west michigan, grand rapids
lead xr developer

Josh is our lead XR developer.  He has his Bachelors in Digital Animation and Game Design from Ferris State University, and is a self-professed computer games and space technology geek!

In his free time, he enjoys developing apps for mobile devices and different realities, including virtual and augmented realities for practical and entertaining experiences intended for market. Josh also enjoys flying drones while out camping or hiking– someday he hopes to build his own autonomous drone with robotics he’s fully created with small circuitry and 3D printing.

When he’s not in the basement building things, Josh likes out being social at music festivals and concerts, or playing drums and music with friends.