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The Power (and Importance!) of Compositing and Post-Production

Linking CGI with traditional photography can provide great benefits, all by spending a little extra time in Photoshop. Very rarely does an image render out and not need any retouching at all!

The examples below show the rendering as it was before and after post-production. Taking the time to apply some subtle enhancements to an image can have very noticeable and impactful results.

This process helps us save time and keeps the budget low, too! Some of the effects achieved in post-production can be reached within the 3D rendering software, but it can take much longer to perfect that way. Professional photographers and retouchers have used these techniques for years, so there is no reason that “virtual photographers” shouldn’t be applying these methods, too!

The effects we can add range from bumping up contrast to adding in farkles (fake-sparkles), glows, increased reflections, various lighting effects and alternate backgrounds. Even the color of the lighting can be edited and enhanced as well as the feeling of depth in an image.

That small bit of extra time spend in post-production can make all the difference in how exciting and dynamic your product looks in the end!