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Finny VR at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Here at Externa, we like to be a part of our community and help bring new technologies to the masses when we can. Collaborating with the Grand Rapids Public Museum was a rewarding opportunity for the whole team.

When we first started talking to the GRPM staff about collaborating on a VR experience, we all came to the table with lots of ideas. The one that seemed the best fit right off the bat was an experience focused on the museum’s defacto mascot, Finny the fin whale. But first, we would need to convince everyone else it was worth the time and effort. We needed to convince them the visitors would find it a worthwhile exhibit.

Externa’s dedication and persistence were key in bringing in Grand Rapids’ first custom developed VR experience to a museum. Not only did we spend months developing the Finny VR experience, we also demonstrated various VR devices and experiences to museum stakeholders on numerous occasions. Eventually, all of the right minds where convinced and we where off to work!

The end result has been on display at the GRPM since December 2017 and has seen over 60,000 users without a hitch! Both the software and hardware have proven to be extremely durable as part of an unsupervised, public exhibit. Check out the preview video below, and go experience it in VR for yourself at the Grand Rapids Public Museum!