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They cancelled all our trade shows. Ok, so what now?

Everything is upside down, our home and work lives have been tossed in a a blender. So what now?

Trade shows.  Historically they have been a big part of informing customers of products and services.  A day or two for people to get out of the office and learn about their industry. Most people look forward to and enjoy going to trade shows.  Trade shows are events.  Events that help engage potential new customers, and reengage existing ones.

This year, things have changed and we are not going to have our usual collection of trade shows.  What can we do instead?  Virtualize the product launch. 

Virtual product launches as a replacement can keep the feeling of an event. The key is making sure that the webinar has high production value, the right pace, and rich content. But what does that mean and how to go about achieving that?

What it means, is that we need to step things up past the level of Joe from sales sharing his screen while he flips through his powerpoint. Your online, virtual product launches need to look as good as your real life trade show spaces do.  We have all seen Joe’s powerpoint skills, and we know they are not quite there.  

So how do we make a great virtual product launch then?  Planning, and vision.  Externa can help you craft an engaging, dynamic and captivating virtual product launch.  We can mix video, animation, music and voice over narration into one knock-out virtual event.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can re-use footage on social media outlets, and sales presentations over and over.

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